How To Find Royalty Free Images For Your Website


Royalty Free Images for your Website or Blog

Finding free images to use for your website or blog posts is fairy easy these days with many stock image websites offering a good selection. Visual images are just as important as words when online, so it’s important to find the right images to convey your product, services or story.

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.

If you’re fed up of trawling paid stock image websites like shutterstock or istock and spending money on stock images, check out my list of How To Find Royalty Free Images for your Website below and grab yourself some royalty free images for your website or blog. If you do download any images to use please make sure you check the license use for the image.

Here are are some basic royalty free terms you will come across:

  • Creative Commons: The artist has waived their rights to their work. Free to use.
  • Royalty Free: This allows you to use intellectual property without having to pay royalties or license fees.
  • Public Domain: If any image was created in the United States prior to 1923 then they’re part of the public domain.
  • Attribution: You can use these images as long as credit to the author.
  • Commercial Use: You’re permitted to use royalty free images for any type of business.
  • Membership: You must join the site in order to use the royalty free images. Some sites charge you for joining.

Now we have an understanding of how we can use the images – let’s take a look at how to find royalty free image for your website.


Unsplash is a great website to use for free stock images. Unsplash is a project started by Crew, an online marketing agency. Along with providing royalty free images, they also showcase members graphic design works. If you’re looking for a great free high quality images Unsplash should be your first stop.

Visit Unsplash


Pixabay has lots of free, high quality photos available to use. Pixabay has a fantastic selection of royalty free images that can be downloaded and used for personal or business websites. You can also search for image by camera model which is a useful feature (I think…).

Visit Pixabay


Pexels is another great free stock image website with plenty of choice and high resolution images on offer. The website is well laid out and very easy to use. Similar to the other sites, images are free to use for business or personal use.

Visit Pexels

PikWizard are a great stock library with over 30,000 free images for use on your web project or other design uses. 5,000 of the images are also exclusive which is fantastic. There is also a design editor so you can make design changes to any of the images you select – a great feature and very useful. Please check out their website for some great stock images.

Visit PikWizard


There are many other great Royalty Free image websites that you can use and I’ve just highlighted a couple that I frequently use.

Thanks for taking the time to read my How To Find Royalty Free Images for your Website article. I hope some of the information is useful to you.

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