How to Optimise Images for Websites in 2023: Essential Guide

How To Optimise Images For Websites In 2023: Essential Guide

Optimising images for website design is a crucial and indispensable part of creating a visually captivating website that loads fast. Enhancing user experience is not the only benefit of this, as it also assists in search engine optimisation which Google of course loves.

Choosing the right file format

Various techniques can be employed to optimise images for website use. The file format is one of the most important aspects to consider. Choosing the correct file format can considerably diminish the file size and enhance website performance. Whilst JPEG is the most commonly used image format on the web, PNG or SVG may be more suitable for graphics or images with transparency. As a former photographer and photoshop ninja I usually go with PNG for anything website based as this gives a good level of quality.

Reducing image file size

Reducing file size is also of paramount importance to guarantee that images load fast. Numerous ways exist to decrease the file size of an image, including compressing it, resizing it, or removing redundant metadata. Tools like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or online tools such as TinyPNG or can aid in minimising file size whilst retaining image quality. There are many WordPress plugins also that will do this for you such as Shortpixel and others. I’ve left some links below. Your website host may also provide this option at server level, so it’s worth checking that out also.

WP Smush: This wp plugin is designed to compress and Optimise images without reducing their quality. You can also set it to automatically Optimise images when they’re uploaded to your WordPress site.

Imagify: This plugin can help Optimise your images by compressing them to reduce their file size. It also offers various Optimisation levels to choose from and can Optimise images on the fly as they’re served to users.

ShortPixel: This plugin can Optimise all kinds of images, including JPEGs, PNGs, and GIFs, without sacrificing quality. It also offers options for resizing images and converting them to WebP format.

How To Optimise Images For Websites In 2023: Essential Guide

Using responsive images

Using responsive images is also a critical factor in optimising images for website use. Responsive images are those that modify their size based on the screen size of the device on which they are being viewed. This ensures that the image appears visually appealing on all devices and reduces the requirement for different image versions for various devices.

Other image optimisation tips

Shopify, HubSpot, and Airbnb are real-world examples of websites that use optimised images. These websites not only appear visually captivating but also load rapidly and provide an exceptional user experience. Following the best practices mentioned above, you can create a website that is equally successful.

Final Word

In conclusion, optimising images for website design is essential in creating a website that looks visually appealing, loads quickly, and provides an exceptional user experience. By adhering to the best practices, such as choosing the appropriate file format, reducing file size, and using responsive images, you can create a website that meets Google’s standards for expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness, and transparency. Therefore, it is imperative to apply these tips and best practices to your own website design projects to create a website that is optimised for both search engines and human readers.

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